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AstraBank offers a comprehensive finance solution, merging traditional banking with digital capabilities, including global transactions, multi-currency, and cryptocurrency support.

AstraBank offers a comprehensive financial solution tailored for both personal and business needs, integrating traditional banking with the flexibility of modern digital finance and technology. Upon opening an account with AstraBank, customers are provided with a dedicated International Bank Account Number (IBAN), enabling seamless global transactions. The platform supports SWIFT and SEPA instant payments, ensuring fast and reliable money transfers across borders.

Clients can opt for both physical and virtual cards, with the exclusive option to upgrade to a premium metal card, enhancing the banking experience with a touch of sophistication. To ensure security and compliance, all users undergo a thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) and onboarding process, safeguarding their financial activities within the AstraBank ecosystem.

AstraBank distinguishes itself by offering multi-currency accounts, allowing users to send and receive fiat currencies globally without transaction limits, making it an ideal choice for international business operations and personal finance management. In addition, AstraBank embraces the digital age by supporting cryptocurrency transactions. Users can easily send, receive, and convert cryptocurrencies through AstraBank, offering a streamlined off-ramp solution for digital assets.

By bridging the gap between traditional banking and digital finance, AstraBank positions itself as a versatile financial fintech platform for a global audience, catering to the evolving needs of its users in the realms of fiat and digital currencies.

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